Workplace Options is making news. These articles reference our company or one of our many polls on topics on emerging trends that impact employees and their families.

Huffington Post - Dean Debnam

  Apr 21, 2016

Huge Rise in Global Employee Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Employee mental health is an issue that impacts the ultimate success of every business on the planet. If you’re a business leader and your employees’ emotional well-being wasn’t already on the top of your list of priorities for 2016, it needs to be

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White Swan Foundation - Maulika Sharma

  Apr 21, 2016

Can You Discipline Your Child Without Punishing Them?

For disciplining (and I am saying disciplining – not punishing), there are a few important things parents need to understand.

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Benefits Canada

  Nov 12, 2014

Workers Lack Mental Health Support

A Workplace Options poll finds that 42% of Americans said their employers had no support structures or programs in place to help employees deal with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety or depression. Just 47% say their employers had any kind of emotional well-being support available, while 11% have no idea what their employer offers.

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Huffington Post

  Oct 11, 2014

When You Tell an Employee ‘Family Comes First,’ Do You Mean It?

It’s time to take a look at whether we — as business owners — are living up to our end of the bargain when we tell employees ‘Family Comes First.’

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